Wolves and Sage has become my home for expressing myself, dealing with my daily anxieties, and exploring the world around me. I don’t publish for vanity or to create an image- It is simply an archive of thoughts and stories I want to share with all you beautiful souls.


A Brief History

It started with a paper journal, where I would collect my thoughts a few sentences at a time. The thing about anxiety, is that collecting your thoughts in an orderly fashion can be one of the most difficult thing I do in a day. Most times, I can live out my life without complications and function as if I were anyone else. But- when I get home and lay down for the evening my thoughts can spiral and spin. Hence, the small journal that lives on my bedside table. I still keep that journal, and that’s where my most personal thoughts will remain. However, I now share the late night epiphanies and my experiences here, in the off chance anyone is vaguely interested in the thoughts of 20-something professional.

It is the belief that wolves are creatures of courage and are meant to lead us through our journeys of self-discovery. The wolf in me welcomes the wolf in you. Sage has historically and spiritually been associated with healing. I welcome you to join me on my journey of discovery and healing.