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Wild Farm Flora & Fauna

...in progress.


The plants pictured here are native, naturalized, or may be considered weeds. Of these, some are medicinal, edible, and/or deemed poisonous. Regarding the 'weeds' - look closely and you will find that butterfly, bird and bee have no room for such distinctions, and heavily utilize these plants as necessary resources. Some of these 'weeds' are ecological opportunists to the benefit of the soil, cleaning the dirt of free radicals and other pollutants. Others still are respected as medicinals or nutritious food, and so... if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!

Note: please do not ingest a plant unless you are certain as to the species, and then that it is in fact safe to consume.


Below are some photos of animals that occur on or near my farm. Wolves & Sage is dedicated to coexisting with all wildlife, along with educating the public on how to do the same. In progress...